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If you want more stars, more sky, more photos, and more astronomical catalogs, consider the TheSkyX Professional Edition Database Add On.  With over 165 GB of star catalogs, optimized star catalogs and the complete photographic Digitized Sky Survey (10x compression version, distributed with permission), you'll be ready to conquer the universe.  


Catalog Name

Number of Stars/Sky Coverage

Approximate Size (GB)

Larger Gaia subset


1.7 billion


Smaller Gaia subset


100 million


AAVSO Photometric All-Sky Survey


60 million


Large TheSkyX Pro-specific UCAC4 plot file


90 million


Digitized Sky Survey (10x compression)

Photographic data for the entire celestial sphere


All Sky Image Link Database






168 GB


The databases and files in TheSkyX Pro Add On product are distributed on a USB SSD drive and can be purchased from the Software Bisque Store.


TheSkyX Pro Database Add On is compatible with TheSkyX Pro for macOS, Windows, Linux (ARM64, x86_64) and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi ARM32/ARM64).  See TheSky's Minimum System Requirements for details.


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