TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition

What's New | What is TheSkyX Serious Astronomer?

Serious astronomy software.

TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition can help you plan your observing sessions. It can control your go to (or push to) telescope with ease.  You can even print out star charts to share the wonders of night sky with your friends and family.  


It'll make pursuing your passion for astronomy just plain fun.  




Mac or Windows?  No problem.  TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition runs lightning fast on your favorite operating system.  With optional TPoint telescope pointing analysis add-on, your can improve your telescope's pointing accuracy just like professional observatories.




Drive your go to telescope or show the position of your "push to" telescope.

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Create custom observing lists or astronomical databases to get the most from your time at the telescope.  

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Access information on millions of objects, including the planets, asteroids, comets and artificial satellites.  

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Print or export high-resolution sky charts to share with family and friends.

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TheSkyX is loaded with tools like Iridium Flare Prediction, Object Paths, Time Skips, Solar and Lunar Eclipse Viewer, Conjunction Finder, 3D Solar System View, Field of View indicators (FOVIs), and much more..

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What's new.

Retooled from the ground up, we've added a host of exciting features to your favorite astronomy software.  TheSkyX Serious will get you charged up about your passion.  Explore, engage and enjoy!






What's not new

We understand that if you've ever used TheSky over the past 32 years, you've come to expect a certain feature set that you cannot live without.  We've tried really hard to include in TheSkyX every feature that is found in earlier versions.














Cross Platform Support

TheSkyX runs natively under Mac or Windows.

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New Interior and Exterior

Virtually every feature has been redesigned to emphasize ease of use.

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Extreme Performance

Screen refreshes as fast as your graphics hardware will allow.

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Improved Telescope Control

Native telescope drivers with extensive driver support.

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Optional Integrated Add On

The optional TPoint Add On is now completely integrated with TheSkyX.

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