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 Synchronous vs. Asynchronous ExecutionA number of the objects in this library have a property to control if the operation is synchronous or asynchronous
 Possible method return valuesMethods that link directly to this topic, for example the ccdsoftCamera::Connect() method, will upon error, throw an exception
 Exceptions And Error CodesMethods and properties may throw exceptions during an error condition
 Running a Java Script Over a Network SocketAll the scriptable objects documented under 'Script TheSkyX' web site may also be called by an external program over a network TCP/IP socket
 Change log1.01 Added sky6Dome
 Calibration Results for SBIG External CCD and SBIG AOTo obtain calibration results for the Camera or Autoguider, use the ccdsoftCamera::Autoguider property to control which one is desired, along with ccdsoftCamera::CalibrationVectorXPositiveXComponent(), ccdsoftCamera::CalibrationVectorXPositiveYComponent(), etc
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