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TheSky Scriptable Objects

Simple, Reliable, Manipulation of TheSky, from within TheSky or Cross-process-same-machine, Cross-machine, Cross-operating Systems


  • Callable from TheSky's Embedded JavaScript Engine (go to Tools, Run JavaScript) on Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Callable, externally from a TCP socket (by sending java scripts, see the tcpscriptclient sample).
  • Requires TheSky Version 10.1.10 or later (strictly speaking, version 10.1.9 build 4276 and later)
  • On Windows, callable from Microsoft COM (these are native COM objects on Windows).
    • Note scripting TheSky directly using Microsoft COM, SB recommends TheSky Version 10.5.0 build 12967 or later which coincides with release of Windows installers that distribute the 64 bit build of TheSky (TheSky64.exe) in addition to the 32 bit build (TheSkyX.exe).


TheSky offers several useful objects documented here that can be manipulated programmatically. These objects allow a broad range of capabilities from manipulating TheSky (for example, Look North), to retrieval of celestial object information (for example, what are the coordinates of the Sun) to device control (for example, slew the mount to M1 and take a photo).

This documentation lists these objects along with their methods (called slots) and their properties. These objects can be called from within TheSky (Tools, Run JavaScript). In addition these objects can be called externally by using TheSky's ability to execute a script passed to it over a socket and returning the result of the script to the client (Tools, TCP server).

Since there is no standardized, cross-platform remote procedure call, and TheSky is cross-platform, TheSky's native scripting architecture is based upon two standardized, cross-platform technologies, namely sockets and the ECMAScript Language Specification ECMA-262 ECMA-262

Hopefully this flexible scripting architecture will open up uses for TheSky in new and exciting ways with the increase its interoperability between processes on the same machine, across machines and operating systems. Some examples to exploit this architecture include running two virtual machines (with differing operating systems where one vm scripts TheSky running on the vm) and iOS clients and network clients.

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