Script TheSky  Version 1.32
Change log

1.01 Added sky6Dome.

1.02 Added sky6Raven.

1.03 Documented TheSkyXAction.

1.04 Documented a few additional commands of the DoCommand method for the sky6RASCOMTele object.

1.05 Documented the sky6DirectGuide object.

1.06 Fixed typos.

1.07 Updated tcpscriptclient's Look and Move buttons work with the new syntax of TheSkyXAction object.

1.08 TheSky's scripted camera control, namely ccdsoftCamera and ccdsoftImage objects.

1.09 Added filterWheelConnect, filterWheelDisconnect and filterWheelIsConnected to ccdsoftCamera object.

1.12 Added SelectedHardware object.

1.13 Added ccdsoftCamera::centerAO() method.

1.14 Slight reoganization and documentation update.

1.15 Add the Possible method return values topic.

1.16 Added sky6Dome::slitState() and sky6Dome::lastError() methods (without breaking existing clients using early binding). Some documentation updates.

1.17 Added AutomatedImageLinkSettings object.

1.18 Added ccdsoftImage::scanLine() method.

1.19 Added Running a JavaScript Over a Network Socket section. The tcpscriptclient sample application (Mac and Windows) now uses the socket start/end packet keys.

1.20 Added Calibration Results for SBIG External CCD and SBIG AO section.

1.21 Fixed a few accidential broken links.

1.23 Added sky6RASCOMTele::ParkAndDoNotDisconnect() and related methods. Added rotator methods to ccdSoftCamera.

1.24 Added TextFile object. Added RunJavaScriptOutput object.

1.25 Added a means to query the filter index presently selected in the filter wheel hardware. See ccdsoftCamera::FilterIndexZeroBased for instructions.

1.27 Added CameraDependentSetting object.

1.28 Added PowerControl object.

1.29 Updated scripting documentation to target TheSky 64 bit (TheSky64.exe) while deprecating scripting TheSkyX 32-bit (TheSkyX.exe).

1.30 Added FocuserTraining object.

1.31 Added scripted access to sky6Dome for coupling to mount tracking and the associated minimum angle.

1.32 For convenience, added the program id's for TheSky64 compatible objects compared to prior versions in the tables in Scripting TheSkyX (32 Bit) Via Microsoft COM Deprecated.

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