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sky6DirectGuide Class Reference

The sky6DirectGuide object. More...

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Public Slots

void MoveTelescope (double dRAArcSecs, double dDecArcSecs)
 Move the Paramount in arcseconds in RA and declination.
void Abort ()
 Abort an asynchronous call to MoveTelescope().


int lSpeedIndex
 This property is not implemented and the speed of MoveTelescope() is fixed.
int lAsynchronous
 Set this property to 0 to have MoveTelescope() implemented synchronously (the default) or 1 to have MoveTelescope() implemented asynchronously.

Detailed Description

The sky6DirectGuide object.

The sky6DirectGuide object allows external programs to move the Paramount in precise, small increments. This can be used for autoguiding or a less common application is for calibrating the Paramount on a terriestial (azimuth, altitude) beacon.

DirectGuide, innovated by Software Bisque, was the first technology of its kind to allow autoguiding without the need of a relay cable between camera to mount. Click here for more information.

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