X2 Standard  Version 1.21
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAddFITSKeyInterfaceThe AddFITSKeyInterface allows camera drivers to add any number of additional FITS keys to the FITS header
 CAsymmetricalEquatorialInterfaceThe AsymmetricalEquatorialInterface for equtorial mounts
 CBasicIniUtilInterfaceThe BasicIniUtilInterface is used to make properties persistent
 CBasicStringInterfaceThe BasicStringInterface allows a string as an output
 CCameraDependentSettingInterfaceThe CameraDependentSettingInterface allows camera drivers to supply one open-ended, additional argument to the standard CameraDriverInterface::CCStartExposure function. This offers camera drivers great flexibility in what the setting does along with the available options
 CCameraDriverInterfaceThe CameraDriverInterface allows an X2 implementor to a write X2 camera driver
 CDomeDriverInterfaceThe DomeDriverInterface allows an X2 implementor to a write X2 dome driver
 CDriverInfoInterfaceThe DriverInfoInterface provides X2 implementors a standarized way to provide driver specific information
 CDriverRootInterfaceThe DriverRootInterface is the foundation for all X2 device drivers
 CDriverSlewsToParkPositionInterfaceThe DriverSlewsToParkPositionInterface prevents TheSky from slewing the mount to the park position when a Park command is issued so that the mount driver can take on this responsibility
 CExtendedCameraInterfaceThis interface is deprecated. New development should instead use CameraDependentSettingInterface. This interface was deprecated in TheSky build 11525
 CFilterWheelDriverInterfaceThe FilterWheelDriverInterface allows an X2 implementor to a write X2 filter wheel driver
 CFilterWheelMoveToInterfaceThe FilterWheelMoveToInterface allows moving to a specific filter
 CFocuserDriverInterfaceThe FocuserDriverInterface allows an X2 implementor to a write X2 focuser driver
 CFocuserGotoInterface2The FocuserGotoInterface2 allows a focuser to perform a goto operation
 CFocuserTemperatureInterfaceThe FocuserTemperatureInterface allows focusers to report their current temperature
 CGPSInterfaceThe GPSInterface allows communcation with a GPS device
 CHardwareInfoInterfaceThe HardwareInfoInterface provides X2 implementors a standarized way to provide hardware specific information
 CHardwareModelOverrideInterfaceThe HardwareModelOverrideInterface allows x2 drivers to provide a textual model name other than the 'Model' field found in the corresponding company specific 'hardwarelist.txt' file
 CLinkFromUIThreadInterfaceThe LinkFromUIThreadInterface allows X2 implementors to cause TheSkyX to call establishLink from the user interface thread
 CLinkInterfaceThe LinkInterface allows connect and realated device operations
 CLoggerInterfaceThe LoggerInterface is a cross-platform logging utility passed to X2 implementors to show real-time, driver logging information in TheSkyX
 CModalSettingsDialogInterfaceThe ModalSettingsDialogInterface allows X2 implementors to display a customized settings user interface
 CMountDriverInterfaceThe MountDriverInterface allows an X2 implementor to a write X2 mount driver
 CMountTypeInterfaceThe MountTypeInterface covers all possible mount types that X2 drivers can implement
 CMultiConnectionDeviceInterfaceThis optional interface, MultiConnectionDeviceInterface, provides X2 implementors a way to make x2 drivers that support the capacity to accept multiple connections simultaneously without error or conflict (such as multi-device hubs)
 CMutexInterfaceThe MutexInterface provides a cross-platform mutex
 CNeedsRefractionInterfaceThe NeedsRefractionInterface for mounts
 CNoShutterInterfaceThe NoShutterInterface allows camera drivers to report to TheSkyX if a camera does not have a shutter, primarily for use in the acquisition of dark frames
 COpenLoopMoveInterfaceThe OpenLoopMoveInterface allows a mount to move at a given rate for a open-ended amount of time
 CParkInterfaceThe ParkInterface allows domes and mounts to be parked
 CPixelSizeInterfaceThe PixelSizeInterface allows camera drivers to provide the physical pixel size in microns
 CPreExposureTaskInterfaceThe PreExposureTaskInterface gives cameras a way to inform TheSkyX when executing CameraDriverInterface::CCStartExposure will take longer than dExposureDuration
 CRotatorDriverInterfaceThe RotatorDriverInterface allows an X2 implementor to a write X2 rotator driver
 CSerialPortParams2InterfaceThe SerialPortParams2Interface is a cross-platform interface to common serial port parameters
 CSerXInterfaceThe SerXInterface is a cross-plaform serial port
 CSleeperInterfaceThe SleeperInterface is a cross-platform "sleeper"
 CSlewToInterfaceThe SlewToInterface for mounts
 CSubframeInterfaceThe SubframeInterface allows camera drivers to enable subframe support
 CSymmetricalEquatorialInterfaceThe SymmetricalEquatorialInterface for equtorial mounts
 CSyncMountInterfaceThe SyncMountInterface for mounts
 CTheSkyXFacadeForDriversInterfaceThe TheSkyXFacadeForDriversInterface is a simplified interface to TheSkyX passed to X2 implementors
 CTickCountInterfaceThe TickCountInterface is a cross-platform way to measure relative timing
 CTrackingRatesInterfaceThe TrackingRatesInterface allows X2 mounts to support variable tracking rates
 CUnparkInterfaceThe UnparkInterface allows domes and mounts to be unparked
 CX2CameraThe X2Camera example
 CX2DomeThe X2Dome example
 CX2FilterWheelThe X2FilterWheel example
 CX2FocuserThe X2Focuser example
 CX2GUIEventInterfaceThe X2UIEventsInterface notifies X2 implementors when user interface events happen
 CX2GUIExchangeInterfaceThe X2GUIExchangeInterface provides the X2 developer the means to get and set data from a graphical user interface (X2GUIInterface)
 CX2GUIInterfaceThe X2GUIInterface allows X2 implementors to display a customized, cross platform, graphical user interface
 CX2ModalUIUtilSupplies the X2 developer with the X2GUIInterface interface
 CX2MountThe X2Mount example
 CX2MutexLockerThe X2MutexLocker provides a cross-platform utility to lock and unlock a MutexInterface
 CX2RotatorThe X2Rotator example
X2 Examples
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