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Name Date Downloads Comments
WiSky Installation and Use Instructions
Revision 1.4 This document describes how to install the WiSky (and WiSky++*) into the MKS 5000 control...
10-08-2018 1,589 0
Cederblad Galactic Nebulae
Cederblad Galactic Nebulae (Cederblad, 1946) This SDB is located in the Optinal SDB's folder...
08-22-2018 66 0
Current Exoplanets SDB
Updated 10-5-2018 NASA ExoPlanet Archive web site count to date 3,791 https://exoplanetarchive.ipac...
08-01-2018 120 0
Paramount Software Suite Quick Start Guide
Please read the Paramount Quick Start Guide Revision 2.0 before installing TheSkyX Professional...
07-12-2018 1,681 0
Paramount ME II Side-by-Side Mounting Plate Installation...
This draft document describes how to mount multiple optical tube assemblies to the Paramount ME...
07-06-2018 38 0
Shortcut to the Paramount ME/ME II/MX/MX+ Pier Adaptor Plate
Click the Download link on the right side of this page to view the Paramount ME/ME II/MX/MX+ Pier...
06-29-2018 19 0
ScriptTheSkyX Documentation and Examples
Contains the documentation and examples of how to script TheSkyX Professional Edition for Mac and...
06-12-2018 3,341 1
X2 Examples
Version 1.21 This file contains the X2 examples. The examples demonstrate how to write TheSkyX drivers...
06-06-2018 1,215 0
Barnard's Best - SAC Steve Coe
Saguaro Astronomy Club To install: Download and unzip the files in this archive SAC-Barnards-Best...
05-25-2018 104 0
Best Doubles in Scorpious - Eagle Creek Observatory
50 interesting double stars found in Andromeda: Eagle Creek Observatory . To install: Download and...
05-23-2018 106 0
Best Double Stars in Andromeda - Eagle Creek Observatory
A handful of interesting double stars found in Andromeda. To install: Download and unzip the files...
05-22-2018 107 0
High Contrast Doubles - Eagle Creek Observatory
This SDB highlights 46 double stars with high contrast. A label appears as HCD #{1 - 46}. These...
05-22-2018 83 0
Apollo Navigational Stars
These are the 37 stars used by the Apollo space program to navigate to the moon (1969 - 1972 Apollo...
05-16-2018 90 0
Pyramid Portable Pier User Guide
Pyramid Portable Pier User Guide, Revision 2.5 Revision History Revision 2.5 (May, 2018) Corrected...
05-15-2018 890 0
MKS 4000 USB Driver Installer
Download and run this setup application to install the latest MKS 4000 USB drivers. The MKS 4000...
05-09-2018 4,530 6
Paramount ME/ME II/MX Heavy Duty Wedge to Pier Adaptor Plate
The Paramount ME ME II MX Heavy Duty Wedge to Pier Adaptor Plate optional accessory, sold separately...
05-08-2018 427 0
Shortcut to the Paramount MYT Permanent Pier Specifications
This is a shortcut to the Paramount MX, MX+, and MYT Permanent Pier Specifications document. The...
05-07-2018 29 0
Paramount Pier Adaptor Plate Options
This document includes tables to determine the required adaptor plate for your Paramount setup,...
05-07-2018 1,222 0
TPoint Add On User Guide
Revision 1.66 TheSkyX Professional Edition and Serious Astronomer Edition TPoint Add On User Guide...
04-27-2018 11,050 0
Powered by TheSkyX Pro Logo
Use this logo to indicate TheSkyX Professional Edition powers your observatory.
04-24-2018 108 1
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