Precision machining coupled with exceptional control system electronics, all controlled by world-class TheSky astronomy software sets the Paramount mount apart. Designs include gear-driven German equatorial mounts, gear and direct-drive equatorial fork mounts, and direct-drive altazimuth and gimbals. TheSky Universal Bundle lets you control the mount, instruments and dome on macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu Linux (ARM64 and x86_64 architectures).

German Equatorial Mounts

Software Bisque gear-driven Paramount German equatorial mounts.

Equatorial Fork Mounts

The Software Bisque gear-driven Paramount Taurus 400 equatorial fork mount and the Taurus 500/600/7000 direct-drive equatorial fork mounts.

Altazimuth Mounts

Software Bisque Paramount Apollo direct-drive altazimuth mounts.

Direct Drive Mounts

Paramount mounts with direct-drive controllers.

Gimbal Mounts

When speed and accuracy matter, you’ll love the Paramount™ Duo. The multi-purpose Paramount™ Duo sets the standard for a flexible, and functional gimbal mount.  Apart from the exceptional control system and precision engineering, what makes the Paramount Duo so extraordinary is its control software. TPoint™, integrated with TheSky™, provides extreme pointing accuracy — it is used by the world’s largest optical, infrared, and radio observatories.  The Paramount Duo’s telescope control system utilizes TPoint’s Telescope Control System Pointing Kernel (TCSpk™) to provide unparalleled integrated pointing, tracking and instrument rotation accuracy, no matter what target you are imaging.