Taurus 500/600/700 Direct Drive

Paramount Taurus500/600/700 — Equatorial Direct-Drives

Here is a sample video of a Paramount tracking a satellite:

The best time to image objects is when they’re at their highest in the sky crossing the meridian. Of course, that’s also when meridian flips can be required with traditional German equatorial mounts.

Meridian flips require you to stop imaging for a few minutes to reacquire your object, check your camera’s focus, and compensate for any detected flexure. Autoguided long-exposure imaging heightens the need to plan around meridian flips.

With a Paramount Taurus™ equatorial fork mount, you’ll never need to perform another meridian flip. Its dual-tined fork provides exceptional stability for your instruments.

And, if you enjoy visual observing, you’ll appreciate the far easier access to your eyepiece.

One of the most important enabling technologies allowing Taurus to move its instrument-payload into exactly the right position is its control software.

Its control-software incorporates TPoint™ and ProTrack™ to produce extraordinarily accurate pointing and tracking. That’s a powerful blend of technologies. Indeed, many of the world’s largest optical, infrared, and radio observatories rely on a version of this software combination.  Nothing else comes close.

Taurus is also equipped with TheSky™ Imaging edition, application software that controls your telescope and all your imaging devices. It even arrives with software to control your dome — all nicely integrated and sporting a consistent look and feel. Its included license allows you to install the software on up to six separate computers.

You can also select among macOS, Windows, and the exceptionally stable Linux. Why paint yourself into a corner?

To help assure excellent mechanical performance, the Paramount Taurus is manufactured using high-grade metals that are precision-machined to our uncommonly high tolerances.

To learn more about the Paramount Taurus, please see the Specifications tab below.

* Optional Scope Rails sold separately



We offer three Paramount Taurus™ direct-drive models. The Taurus 500 and 600 can shoulder up to 400 pounds (180 kg) while the Taurus 700 can accommodate up to 600 pounds (360 kg).  And while carrying plenty of weight, they can slew at speeds up to 30 degrees per second.

The included counterweight system corrects imbalances resulting from asymmetries in the optical tube, or it not being perfectly centered between the fork tines.

The Taurus’s optional Scope Rail System makes attaching and balancing the telescope a breeze because it lets you easily move your system’s weight fore and aft along the optical axis.

To view the Taurus advertisement that ran in Sky & Telescope magazine, please click here.

The Taurus is assembled from five separate components, each weighing less than 100 pounds (45 kg), making it the most easily deployable mount in its class. A two-person team can fully assemble the Paramount Taurus™ in about one hour.

For more detailed information, please see the Specifications tab above. If the off‐the‐shelf specifications do not meet your needs, please contact us (systems@bisque.com) so that our engineers can design a system that meets your specifications.

For an interesting Sky & Telescope magazine article describing how astronomers are utilizing the Taurus’ equatorial-fork design, click here.

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Model 500, Model 600, Model 700

Paramount Taurus Specifications

Paramount Taurus 500, 600 and 700 Specifications (PDF)

Paramount Taurus Documentation

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