MKS 6000 Upgrade

Give your Paramount a technology refresh!

Upgrading your Paramount with the MKS 6000 telescope control system means you’ll not only get outstanding new electronics (indeed, our best ever with fewer components), you’ll gain built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi along with more robust USB Type C communication options, as well as an improved through-the-mount power solution to drive all of your devices.

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Thank you for your patience while we work to fill the current upgrade kit backlog. The lead time for new MKS 6000 Upgrade orders is 8-10 weeks.

Which Paramount Do I Own?

The document describes how to positively identify which Paramount model you own.

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MKS 6000 Getting Started

After you receive the MKS 6000 Upgrade, visit the MKS 6000 Upgrade Getting Started page for all the basics.

Upgrade Kit FAQs

The MKS 6000 is now shipping.  With the current backlog, delivery time for new orders is 8-10 weeks.

TheSky version 10.5.0 build 13787 or later is required to control the MKS 6000.  See "How to renew my software subscription" for details how to renew your software subscription if is has expired.

No.  You will need to renew your subscription if it has expired. See "How to renew my software subscription" for details.

Other that selecting your model Paramount, no other mount-specific information (such as the motor index angles and PEC curve data) is required to purchase the MKS 6000 upgrade kit.

The Paramount's serial number and identification number for all Paramount GEMs shipped after July 2012 is located on the underside of the hour angle axis housing on the left-hand side.

No.  The MKS 6000 upgrade, stand-alone, does not increase the Paramount’s payload capacity.  The total payload capacity of the Paramount MYT Series 6 and the Paramount MX Series 6 mounts is higher because of the mechanical changes to the mount design, not specifically because of the new MKS 6000 TCS.

One component of the MKS 6000 Upgrade Kits is a redesigned through-the-mount power solution that uses XT60 power connectors. These connectors are commonly used for recharging batteries in e-bikes, RC cars and drones. They also excel at supplying power to astronomical equipment.  Rated at 500V up to 30A (15KW maximum), they accept 12 AWG wires, and can provide sufficient power to all the direct-current astronomical devices on the telescope.

No separate software device driver is require to control the MKS 6000 using the USB port on macOS*, Linux or Windows.

Caveat: macOS does not recognize the MKS 6000 when the mount is powered on and the USB-C cable is plugged into a USB-C port on the Mac computer.  For USB control on macOS, before powering on the mount, be sure to plug the USB cable into the computer, and then turn on the computer.  Or, use a USB-C to USB-B adapter and plug it into a USB hub on the Mac.

Yes, like earlier control systems, the MKS 6000 is compatible with ASCOM through the ASCOM2XAdapter.

Yes, with the following caveat. Upgrading these model mounts requires that the connectors on the existing encoder read heads to be modified for the MKS 6000. As this process requires expensive crimping tools for the very small terminals to the end of the wires, Software Bisque strongly recommends returning the mount to the factory so that our technicians can perform the MKS 6000 upgrade and encoder cable conversion.

See the MKS 6000 On-Axis Encoder Connector Crimping Instructions for details (log in required to access this resource).