Satellites Module

Mission Critical Satellite Tracking

The optional Satellites module, when used with Paramount mounts, expands TheSky Professional editions satellite tracking capabilities .

Unleash mission-critical satellite tracking in TheSky Professional to track GEO, NEO, LEO satellites, comets, extra-solar objects and more with the Paramount robotic telescope mount.


The Satellites Module has the following minimum system requirements:

Minimum Hardware Required

  • A Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount, including the following models with an MKS 5000 control system:
    • Paramount Taurus Model 400
    • Paramount Taurus Model 400 OAE
    • Paramount Taurus Model 500
    • Paramount Taurus Model 600
    • Paramount ME II
    • Paramount MX
    • Paramount MX+
    • Paramount MYT
    • Paramount ME (original)


  • Any telescope mount that employs the Bisque TCS with MKS 5000 electronics (that uses the Bisque TCS)

Minimum Software Required

  • TheSky Professional edition (included with all Paramount Robotic Telescope Systems and Bisque TCS systems)
  • The TPoint module (included with all Paramount Robotic Telescope Systems and Bisque TCS systems)
  • Satellites Module.  The Satellites Module can track satellites based on two-line element data (TLE), or with an ephemeris, or from a custom (configurable) satellite orbital propagator.

Details how to upgrade to TheSky Imaging from all other editions are here.

TheSky Professional has integrated telescope mount control and can operate these supported telescope mounts out of the box.

Click on the links below for details about additional equipment supported by the Cameras+ and Domes modules.

Note that TheSky Imaging bundle includes the Cameras+ module.

TheSky Professional edition offers optional software and database modules that can be used to extend its functionality.

The following optional modules are available on the Software Bisque Store:


Software Bisque Paramount Robotic Telescope Mounts and Bisque Telescope Control System-equipped mounts can track satellites with TheSky Professional’s standard satellite tracking capabilities.

The optional Satellites module offers mission-critical, and precision satellite, asteroid, LEO and NEO tracking capabilities, (typically for Space Domain Awareness applications).  In short, the Satellites module includes the technology and low-level software architectures that enables a Paramount to optimally track objects that move a non-sidereal tracking rates.

Satellites Documentation

When you purchase the Satellites module, click My account > My Serial Numbers to view your serial number.

Activating the Satellites Module