Unleash mission-critical satellite tracking in TheSky Professional to track GEO, NEO, LEO satellites, comets, extra-solar objects and more with the Paramount robotic telescope mount.


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The Satellites Module has the following minimum system requirements:

Minimum Hardware Required

  • A Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount, including the following models with an MKS 5000 control system:
    • Paramount Taurus Model 400
    • Paramount Taurus Model 400 OAE
    • Paramount Taurus Model 500
    • Paramount Taurus Model 600
    • Paramount ME II
    • Paramount MX
    • Paramount MX+
    • Paramount MYT
    • Paramount ME (original)


  • Any telescope mount that employs the Bisque TCS with MKS 5000 electronics (that uses the Bisque TCS)

Minimum Software Required

  • TheSky Professional edition (included with all Paramount Robotic Telescope Systems and Bisque TCS systems)
  • The TPoint module (included with all Paramount Robotic Telescope Systems and Bisque TCS systems)
  • Satellites Module.  The Satellites Module can track satellites based on two-line element data (TLE), or with an ephemeris, or from a custom (configurable) satellite orbital propagator.


Software Bisque Paramount Robotic Telescope Mounts and Bisque Telescope Control System-equipped mounts can track satellites with TheSky Professional’s standard satellite tracking capabilities.

The optional Satellites module offers mission-critical, and precision satellite, asteroid, LEO and NEO tracking capabilities, (typically for Space Domain Awareness applications).  In short, the Satellites module includes the technology and low-level software architectures that enables a Paramount to optimally track objects that move a non-sidereal tracking rates.

Satellites Documentation

When you purchase the Satellites module, click My account > My Serial Numbers to view your serial number.

Activating the Satellites Module