Superior ground-based tracking platforms.

When jitter-free commercial tracking mounts (or gimbals) didn’t exist in the early nineties, we decided to design and build our own. The resulting Paramount™ heralded a new price-performance standard.

While astronomers were duly impressed, so was the USAF who was among its first customers. 

Today, Paramounts deliver even better price-performance value across several designs including German equatorial, equatorial fork, and altazimuth mountings.

Paramount Apollo carrying a 0.5 m PlaneWave telescope (sold separately).
Paramount Apollo™ altazimuth gimbals shoulder up to 800 pounds (360 kg) and slew at speeds up to 60 degrees per second. (The pictured 0.5 m PlaneWave telescope is sold separately.)

What makes Paramounts extraordinary is their control software. We also provide superior solutions for pointing and tracking (see TPoint) as well as advanced satellite tracking and a host of related applications — all nicely integrated with a consistent look and feel.

You can choose among Windows, Linux, and macOS.

We can also tailor solutions to meet your requirements. Please inquire at to learn more.

Paramount Tracking a GPS Satellite