Device-control for Windows, macOS, or optional Linux.

The Cameras+ module integrates with TheSky™ Professional to control a broad range of astronomical imaging devices including cameras, autoguiders, focusers, filter wheels, instrument rotators, remote power switches, and more.

64-bit performance is fully supported for Windows, macOS, and Linux. That’s especially important should you find yourself imaging with larger cameras.

Please Note: This module is included with TheSky™ Imaging bundle. Cameras+ can also be activated from within TheSky™ Professional to extend its feature set. The optional TPoint™ module is similarly included with TheSky™ Imaging bundle and it too can be activated from within TheSky™ Professional.

For detailed information, please see the Description below.

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Click My account > My Serial Numbers to view the serial number that is required to activate the Camera & Devices module from TheSky.


Q. How do I activate the Camera & Devices module?

A. See Activating the Camera Module in TheSky User Guide for details.

Q. Do I need to install additional software to use this module?

A. No additional software needs to be downloaded or installed.  The Camera & Devices module is activated from TheSky.


  • Cameras+ is an optional module than can be purchased for use with TheSky™ Professional edition.
  • It allows you to control a broad array of astrophotography devices including cameras, autoguiders, focusers, filter wheels, instrument rotators, remote power switches, and more.
  • You can run them from macOS, Windows, and Linux (with the Multi-OS+ option).
  • When you purchase TheSky™ Imaging bundle, Cameras+ (and TPoint™) are included and automatically activated, so there’s no need to purchase those options separately.
  • Supports many legacy SBIG devices, including cameras, filter wheels and the legacy SBIG AO-7.
Standard Features
Control any two supported cameras simultaneously; one for imaging and one for autoguiding.
Autoguide and acquire FITS photos.
Perform automated focus (using @Focus2 or @Focus3).
Graph autoguiding metrics, including a 3D graph of the guide star, HFD, guider errors and more.
Acquire an unlimited number of series of photos, each with different exposure times, filter wheel settings, calibration and more to automate LRGB or any other filter sequence.
Automatically save photos (with highly flexible and configurable names and folders).
Built-in dithering using the Take Series command.
Create and apply master calibration frames.
Reduce photos (apply dark frame, bias and flat frames) using multiple CPUs when available.
Allows TheSky™ to provide, native, standalone, automated pointing calibration runs (the optional TPoint™ module required) for telescope modeling and accurate polar alignment.
Allows TheSky™ automatically determine your image scale with a single button click.
Scripted device control and image acquisition (using Java Script on macOS, Linux, and Windows or via COM automation on Windows).
The telescope’s position (RA/Dec coordinates) are automatically added to the FITS header
Adjust photos’ white and black points using a graphical histogram control.
Natively control many cameras, focusers, filter wheels, and instrument rotators, on macOS, Linux and Windows.
Control ASCOM-compliant hardware (Windows only).
Perform astrometric solutions using Image Link.

Important Cameras+ Notes:

  • TheSky™ Professional includes a 90-day free trial for a variety of software modules including Cameras+, Domes, and TPoint™.
  • To be clear, the Cameras+ module is not included with TheSky™ Professional beyond its trial period and and must be purchased separately.
  • The Cameras+ module is activated from within from TheSky™ Professional as described here.
  • Because the Cameras+ module is already included with TheSky™ Imaging bundle, you wouldn’t need to purchase it separately (the bundle also includes the TPoint™ module).


Learn more >

Cameras+ Module Documentation

See the Camera Control section of the TheSky™ Professional User Guide’s device-control details.

Please note that TheSky™ Professional was previously known as TheSkyX Professional and you you may occasionally run into the old name as it takes a while to change over some of the legacy references.

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