Apollo 600/800

Paramount Apollo™ 600/800Altazimuth Powerhouses

Outside of capturing transient events, you probably won’t need a mount that can slew at high speeds for astronomy. Of course, other applications exist where your mount’s speed can be critically important — those include imaging artificial satellites, space debris, and communicating with assets in space using infrared lasers.

What makes Apollo™ so extraordinary is its control software. After all, your instruments need to move into exactly the right position to acquire and then track your targets.

Apollo’s control-software incorporates TPoint™ Professional and the Telescope Control System Pointing Kernel (TCSpk™) to produce extremely accurate pointing and tracking. Indeed, many of the world’s largest optical, infrared, and radio observatories rely on our software.  Nothing else comes close.

Apollo is also equipped with TheSky™ Space edition, application software that controls your telescope, imaging devices, and dome. Advanced satellite software is also included — all nicely integrated and sporting a consistent look and feel. Its included license allows you to install the software on up to six separate computers.

You can also select among macOS, Windows, and the exceptionally stable Linux (ARM64 and x86_64 architectures). Why paint yourself into a corner?

To help assure excellent mechanical performance, Apollo’s are manufactured using high-grade metals that are precision-machined to our uncommonly high tolerances.

The Paramount Apollo can satisfy your transient astronomical events, for ground based electro-optical deep space surveillance (GEODSS-like) systems, or for laser communications (lasercom) needs.

To learn more about the supremely capable Paramount Apollo, please review the Specifications tab below.




Paramount Apollo is available in two models. The Apollo 600 can shoulder up to 400 pounds (180 kg) while its larger sibling, the Apollo 800, can accommodate up to 800 pounds (360 kg).

In addition to being uncommonly stable, they’re very fast. Slew speeds of up to 60 degrees per second are possible with the 600 while the 800 can slew at speeds up to 30 degrees per second.

For more detailed information, please see the Specifications tab above.

If the off‐the‐shelf specifications do not meet your needs, please contact us (systems@bisque.com) so that our engineers can design a system that meets your specifications.

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Apollo 600, Apollo 800

Paramount Apollo Specifications

Read the Paramount Apollo Specifications (PDF) document for details about this capable altazimuth direct drive mount.

Paramount Apollo 600 and 800 User Guide

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