Under the starlit sky.

It’s where discoveries are made. Where astronomers unravel the mysteries and reveal the beauty of space. At the heart of this search lies Software Bisque and its family of precision-crafted robotic telescope mounts, astronomy software solutions and embedded systems. Tools that help quench the astronomers’ thirst for scientific breakthrough and personal enrichment the world over.

The Astronomer's Toolkit

TheSky Imaging bundle controls your imaging equipment, orchestrating an array of sophisticated tools, on the operating system you choose.

Plug In Your Equipment, Power Up and Image!

TheSky Fusion is the next big thing in astro-imaging.  Get integrated remote imaging for your setup today.

Unfettered Horizon-to-Horizon Observing

Choose from three Paramount Taurus equatorial fork direct drive models that offer exceptional payload stability, large capacity and worry-free horizon-to-horizon observing capabilities.

Build your Observatory on this Rock

Software Bisque proudly manufactures the exceptional line of Paramount German equatorial robotic telescope mounts.  Your dreams are within reach today.

TheSky Astronomy Software

Piers and Tripods