TheSky Astronomy Software

TheSky™ is the essential tool for astronomical discovery and Earth-based space observation. Just starting out? TheSky Serious has all the features to explore and discover the night sky, for any date and time, and even control your goto telescope.

TheSky Professional offers advanced databases, telescope control and essential tools for observers. Astrophotographers love TheSky Imaging (TheSky Pro+Camera+TPoint bundle) for controlling all their devices, from telescopes, to cameras, guiders, rotators, focusers, filter wheels and more.

Shoot for the Moon with the TheSky Universal. It includes TheSky Professional, Camera & Devices, TPoint and the Dome module and runs on macOS, Windows, Linux ARM32, Linux ARM64 and Linux x86_64 architectures. Universal also includes a license to run the software on up to six different computers, for each supported operating system and hardware architecture.

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