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To purchase products, ask technical support questions, download user guides, register your serial number, and access other Software Bisque website resources, you must first create an account and then log in to the Software Bisque website.

To get started, see How do I join the Software Bisque website?

Getting Started

If you’re unfamiliar with the Software Bisque website, please take a moment to read the following procedures on how to join, how to post support questions, and where to find answers to common forum-related questions using this forum.

Why Should I Join the Software Bisque Website?

Your account with Software Bisque provides the following benefits:

  • No more lost or forgotten serial numbers!  When you purchase a product from the Software Bisque Store, your serial number(s) are automatically registered to your account, and are always accessible on your account’s Subscriptions page.  When you register your Software Bisque products purchase from anywhere other than the Software Bisque Store, the serial numbers are stored permanently with your account and are always accessible.
  • Review your Software Bisque product purchase history as well as your invoices dates of purchase and mailing addresses.
  • Easily renew your Software Subscriptions.
  • Edit and personalize your account profile, including your biography, and avatar.
  • Review your posting activity.
  • Gain access Software Bisque Knowledge Base Articles to resolve known issues.
  • Ask technical support questions.

How Do I Join the Software Bisque Website?

Please follow the steps below to join the Software Bisque website.

Step 1: If you have not already done so, you need to create a log in account.  To do so, click My account > Register.  Enter a user name and email address, and click the I’m not a robot checkbox.

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email from Software Bisque to set your password.  If you do not see it in your Inbox, check your Other/Spam/Junk folders to make sure it is not routed elsewhere.

Be sure to record your password so that you can sign in from a different computer or browser at a later date.  We recommend using a password manager such as 1Password.

Step 3: Now that you have joined and successfully logged in to the Software Bisque website, you can post support questions, download user guides, view your software downloads from My account and more. Remember, you must be logged in to access these resources.

Trouble logging in? See this Knowledge Base Article: I Cannot Join or Log In

Important Note

  • The Software Bisque website requires cookies to be enabled before you can log in.
  • Spyware applications (such as ZoneAlarm, Microsoft AntiSpyware, etc.) must be configured to allow cookies, too. The “highest” security settings for these applications may prevent cookies from being installed on your computer. Consult the documentation for your spyware application for details about enabling site-specific cookies.

See Software Bisque’s Privacy Policy for more information about how we protect your information.

How Do I Log In to the Software Bisque Website?

You must log in the Software Bisque website to be able to ask questions, download your registered software or view your account information.

How to Log In:

  1. Visit www.bisque.com.
  2. Click My account > Login.
  3. On the Log In page, enter your Email Address, Password and click the Captcha checkbox.

Trouble logging in? See this Knowledge Base Article: I Cannot Join or Sign In

If you have forgotten your password, please click the I Forgot My Password link.

If your email address changes, please email FrontDesk@bisque.com the new address so that we can update your account.

How Do I Ask a Question?

Once you’ve successfully created your account on the Software Bisque website, navigating to, reading and posting questions is relatively simple.  The following describes how to post a question to a community forum.

  1. From www.bisque.com, click My account > Log in. 
  2. After logging in, click Support on the main menu to view all the Software Bisque Support Forums.   
  3. Choose a forum to post a question.
  4. Click the Create New Topic graphic.
  5. Enter a short Topic Title, then type your question in the edit field below.
  6. When done, click the Submit graphic.

Your question is now public.  Click My account > My Support Profile > Topics Started to view all your posts.  Click Replies Created to view your replies to existing topics.

  • TheSky Forums:
    • TheSky Student
    • TheSky Serious
    • TheSky Professional
    • TheSky LTI
    • TheSky Scripting
    • X2 Standard 
    • TheSky for Linux
  • Paramount Forums
    • Paramount MYT
    • Paramount MX/MX+
    • Paramount ME II
    • Paramount Taurus
    • Paramount Apollo
  • iOs Forums
    • Gas Giants
    • TheSky Mobile
  • TheSky Fusion
  • Knowledge Base: This forum contains articles discussing solutions to known issues. 

Select the forum to which you want to post a question by clicking on the text link.

How Do I Reply to a Post?

The Software Bisque Community Forums allow you to carry on public conversations by posting questions, reading responses, and replying to responses on the forum using a web browser.

Your Software Bisque account can also be configured to automatically send private e-mail messages to you when someone responds to forum posts.  These automated private e-mails are sent from the Software Bisque Forums Administrator e-mail account (phonetically, the email address is ForumAdmin at bisque dot com) and appear in your e-mail reading software (for example, in Microsoft Outlook’s Inbox).

If you receive an automated private e-mail from the Software Bisque Forum Administrator but want to respond publicly to the Software Bisque Forums, a very common mistake is to use your e-mail software to reply to the private e-mail, instead of posting a public response to the forum from your web browser.

To Reply (Publicly):

If you received notification of a reply by e-mail, click the link that appears in the first line of that message (not the Reply command in your e-mail viewer) and go to step 3, below.
  1. Launch a web brower. Go to www.bisque.com/
  2. Find your post on the appropriate support forum.
  3. On the Forum page, click the Reply link on the post to which you wish to reply, then type your response (Figure 13).
  4. When finished, click the Post graphic.

Your post now appears on the forum, rather than being sent as a private email.

Software Downloads

The most common software questions about downloading software are answered below.

How can I download my software?

After you purchase software from the Software Bisque Store, click My account > My Downloads to download the software’s full installer and update. 

If no update is listed, it means the latest full installer is the latest software release.

Why does my account not show downloads?

First, click My account > My orders to verify that you have successfully purchased software from the Software Bisque Store.

If your account shows you have ordered software, but My account > My downloads shows that no downloads are available, your annual software subscription is most likely expired and must be reactivated to gain access software downloads and updates. 

To do so, click My account > My Subscriptions, then click the View button next to your subscription to view its status. Click the Reactivate or Resubscribe button to renew the annual subscription.