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Other Downloads include downloadable resources outside software installers, including digital user guides, technical drawings, Paramount USB drivers and firmware updates, PDF support documents, video and audio clips, marketing resources, and more.

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Links to Documentation & Other Downloadable Resources (log in required for access)

TheSky Documentation

TheSky Pro User Guide includes documentation for the Camera module, the Dome module, TheSky LTI, and the TPoint module.

TheSky Resources

TheSky Fusion Resources

Paramount MYT Resources

Paramount MYT Technical Drawings

Paramount MX/MX+ Resources

Paramount MX/MX+ Technical Drawings

Paramount ME II Resources

Paramount ME II Technical Drawings

TheSky Mobile Resources

TheSky Mobile Help

MKS 5000 Resources

Marketing and Public Relations

Video and Audio Clips

All Videos and Audio Clips