TheSky: Installing the Latest Release

Software Bisque recommends that you install the latest release of TheSky. 

TheSky is a large application (up to 6 GB), so the full installer is not updated frequently.  After downloading and installing the full installer, smaller updates and daily builds are available for download. 

Both allow you to install TheSky with the latest changes, without having to download the full installer.

Please use the flowchart below to make sure you’re running the latest release:

What is TheSky Full Installer?

Full Installers install all the files required for a given version and build of TheSkyX to the end-user’s computer.

What is TheSky Update?

Updates include all the files required to update from a given Full Installer version and build to a later version and build.

What is TheSky Daily Build?

Software Bisque offers a Daily Build of TheSkyX Professional Edition (only) so that “power users” can access new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

  • A new build is not necessarily posted every day.
  • Daily builds may not be available when the Latest Update distributes the latest release.  In other words, there’s no need for a Daily Build when the Latest Update installs the most-recently released version.
  • The Latest Daily Build updates TheSkyX Professional Edition from “some earlier version and build” to the latest version and build.
  • Unlike Updates, Daily Builds do not necessarily distribute all of the latest files. Not distributing every file keeps the size of the daily build installer relatively small. For example, there are about 120 MB of documentation-related files. And, there are occasionally updated databases, SDBs and other “largish files” that are not necessarily included in the Daily Builds.