Thank you for attending the 2021 Virtual NEAF and welcome to our website!

We’ve always enjoyed exhibiting at the Northeast Astronomy Forum because we can interact with attendees like you! Please contact us with any comments or questions using this link.

Our new booth backdrop (shown below) highlights the variety of customers who use our astronomy software, from our beginner-oriented editions to our most advanced professional technologies that are trusted by many of the world’s largest observatories.

If we were exhibiting, we would show you TheSky Fusion, a relatively new product that delivers outstanding imaging solutions for astronomers at all levels of proficiency.

We would also show you our newest software edition, TheSky Imaging Edition. We update our software multiple times a year with various performance enhancements and new features (we just introduced a 64-bit Windows version).

While you might be familiar with our Paramount German equatorial mounts, you might be less familiar with our Paramount Taurus equatorial fork designs. The equatorial fork allows horizon-to-horizon imaging without meridian-flips and they can shoulder over 400 pounds (180 kg).

Thanks again for stopping by and we hope you’re enjoying this year’s virtual NEAF!