The Paramount Apollo carrying a 0.7 m RDK OTA (sold separately)

Meet the Paramount Apollo Three-Axis Gimbal

The Paramount Apollo™ robotic telescope system employs state-of-the-art technology to achieve superior performance. It combines advanced observatory-control software, TPoint’s Total Pointing Integrity™ kernel, an industrial-grade three-axis direct drive motion controller, precision CNC machined components, precision bearings, high-resolution, on-axis absolute encoders, and high-torque direct-drive motors produces efficiency, stability and long-term reliability. 

Apollo™ employs the same three-axis TPoint ™ telescope pointing kernel that controls many of the world’s largest telescopes and thousands of amateur telescope mounts.

The Paramount Software Suite ™ (included) delivers sky charting, planning, a broad range of hardware control, custom scripting and much more.  All on the operating system of your choice (Windows™, macOS™, and Linux™). 

Apollo’s alt-az fork-design operates within a relatively compact space to reduce the overall building size and system cost.

Key Features

  • 180 kg (400 lb.) instrument capacity. The extremely stable alt-az mount design ensures stability, no matter what your project requires.
  • Virtually silent operation with ultra-fast slews (up to 60 degrees/second in all three axis).
  • Includes the Paramount Software Suite; TPoint™ and the TCSpk™ provide Total Pointing Integrity™.
  • Compact, high-torque direct-drive motors in all three axes.
  • High-resolution on-axis absolute encoders used in all three axes.
  • Powerful three-axis industrial-grade direct drive motor controller is thoughtfully integrated into the base of the mount.
  • The precision direct-drive instrument rotator has a 8.9 cm (3.5-inches) of clear aperture and uses high-capacity bearings to carry the heaviest instrument payloads. With rotation rates up to 60 degrees/second, there is never a need to wait for the rotator to finish after a mount slew.

Paramount Apollo Specifications

Read the Paramount Apollo Specifications (PDF) document for details about this exciting new Paramount model.

Paramount Apollo precision instrument rotator with 8.9 cm (3.5-in.) of clear aperture.

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