Software Bisque Community Posting Etiquette

The Software Bisque Community is intended to be a constructive, helpful environment where astronomers of all levels can ask questions, get answers, and correspond with other members in a positive, friendly manner.

While we understand that this hobby (or profession) can be frustrating at times, please make sure your posts are polite and respectful of others. 

If you are really frustrated, before you post here, stop, take a deep breath, and remember we want to help; assume no malice on Software Bisque’s part; we want nothing more than success in your endeavors.  Remember the old saying, “And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.” In short, please refrain from being rude, posting “rants” when things are not going your way, or from belittling other members for asking or answering something in a way that may offend you in some way.  If you simply cannot restrain yourself, remember that your posts may be moderated.  And, multiple offenses may get you permanently banned from the forums.

From there, please include the following information with your post:

  • the exact version of the operating software you are running
  • the exact version of the software you are running (go to Help, About)
  • the exact wording and error code of any errors you encounter
  • the step by step procedure to reproduce the error, if possible
  • try to describe the symptoms of the problem you are actually experiencing, not necessarily what you think the problem is or what you expect the software to do

Thank you!


Team Software Bisque