Software Bisque – Astronomy’s engine.

For 34 years, developing technology to enhance and enrich the astronomy experience is what drives Software Bisque. Our technology solutions seamlessly integrate control of multiple complex hardware devices from a single software application to achieve unrivaled observatory performance and productivity on macOS, Linux, or Windows.

TheSkyX Professional

TheSkyX Professional Edition Astronomy Software is an essential tool for observatory control, deep space imaging and scientific discovery, and includes the broadest range of advanced features to enhance your experience under the night skies.

TheSkyX Camera Module

The optional Camera Module to TheSkyX Professional Edition offers integrated telescope, camera, focuser, filter wheel, rotator and AO device control for your Mac or Windows computer.

TheSkyX TPoint Module

With the TPoint Module, you achieve better pointing accuracy and spend less time centering objects and more time observing It’s now easier than ever to collect pointing calibration data, refine your mount’s polar alignment, improve pointing using the world’s most powerful telescope analysis software

Dome Controller Module

The Dome Controller automates the control of motorized domes to continuously align the dome with the telescope. The Dome Add On computes the correct dome slit azimuth and elevation for any type of telescope, placed anywhere inside the dome.

TheSkyX Serious

TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition is perfect for on the go astronomy.  You have at your fingertips a realistic and breathtaking deep-space and planetary viewing experience.  What’s more, with its native telescope control you can hook up to your favorite “push to” or “go to” telescope and observe or image to your heart’s delight.

TheSkyX Student

TheSkyX Student comes equipped with all the tools to bring depth and breadth to your astronomy experience.  TheSkyX Student is the most comprehensive tool to explore and actively develop an understanding of astronomical science. You can witness deep-space and planetary phenomena, observe planetary motion and customize your heavenly view with constellation boundaries and corresponding mythological characters.

TheSky for iOS

Born in the dawn of the personal computer, TheSky Astronomy Software has long been the astronomer’s companion. A powerful, reliable, and comfortable friend.


Pilot your own ship and travel to the deep reaches of our solar system. Chart the Moon’s craters and canyons, study the terrain of planets in vibrant color, experience the pockmarked surface of an asteroid up close and personal, and then tag along as Earth’s surrogate explorers Voyager and Cassini orbit and image Saturn and Jupiter.

Gas Giants

Do you remember the thrill you experienced the first time you saw Jupiter or Saturn through a telescope?  If so, Gas Giants is a must for your iOS library! Gas Giants lets you peer through a simulated telescope to observe Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and their major moons, in real time or for any date and time.  A must have tool for amateur astronomers, teachers, scout leaders, astronomy club members or anyone who owns a telescope or binoculars.