Paramount MEII/ME/MX+/MX/MYT Permanent Pier

Rock-solid stability for your Paramount mount.  The top plate is pre-drilled and tapped to accept the following models:

  • Paramount ME (original)
  • Paramount ME II
  • Paramount MX (original)
  • Paramount MX+
  • Paramount MYT

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Software Bisque manufactures these all-steel piers to provide an exceptional platform for Paramount mounts.  These piers are ideal for permanent observatories and can be attached to concrete piers or flooring using the four slotted holes in the base.

Attaching a Software Bisque Pier to Concrete

Software Bisque recommends consulting a local professional engineer (PE) to ensure the concrete, pier and anchors you use in your observatory meet local building codes, HOA restrictions, etc.

Bent anchor (J-bolts) can be attached to a wooden template that matches the pier base, and then sunk into wet concrete, ensuring two of the parallel edges of the template are aligned with true north or south.  An alternative method is to use anchoring bolts and high-strength anchoring epoxy.

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12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, Custom

Paramount ME II/ME/MX/MX+/MYT Permanent Pier Specifications

  • Maximum carrying capacity: Software Bisque permanent piers are designed to carry the weight of the mount, plus the maximum payloads for a Paramount ME II, Paramount MX, Paramount MX+, or Paramount MYT.  The pier’s all steel construction, when carrying a GEM with balanced, compressive-force-only load, produces exceptional stability and rigidity for all payloads, even at the maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds (272 kg).

Paramount ME/ME II/MX/MX+/MYT Pier Technical Drawing