Paramount MX/MX+ Pyramid Portable Pier 4-inch Extension

Paramount MX/MX+ Pyramid Portable Pier 4-inch Extension can be used to elevate the base of the mount so that the telescope does not collide with the tripod legs.


Q. I have a long refractor and need to add extension tubes to my tripod to prevent collisions.  What is the maximum height that the mount can be elevated above the top of the tripod?  In other words, how many extension tubes can be stacked together?

A. Software Bisque recommends a maximum 12 in. (30 cm) of extension tubes, for example, stacking two 6-in. (15 cm) extension tubes.  Attempting to use more extension tubes can cause the system to become unstable.


The Paramount MX/MX+ Pyramid Portable Pier 4-inch (10.2 cm) Extension Tube can be used with the Paramount MX/MX+ model Pyramid Portable Pier to increase the distance between the mount base and tripod legs to mitigate collisions.


One or more of these extension tubes can be mounted between the top of the Pyramid Portable Pier and the removable top plate.  A cut-to-length threaded rod based on the total height of the extension tube or tubes you purchase is also included.

See the FAQs above for more information about the recommended maximum height of pier extension tubes.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

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