Go Deep

The optional Databases module integrates with TheSky™ Professional and allows you to peer deeper into the heavens than ever before.

Includes the Gaia DR3 Data

Chart up to 180 GB of star catalog data, including:

  • 1.806 billion stars from the Gaia Data Release 3 (115 GB)
  • Photographs of the entire celestial sphere from the Digitized Sky Survey (60 GB 10x compressed )
  • The AAVSO APASS catalog Data Release 9 (2 GB)

TheSky Databases module is distributed on a 500 GB external solid state drive (SSD).  In order to take advantage of this product, you must first purchase and install either TheSky™ Professional edition or TheSky™ Imaging bundle  (which includes TheSky Professional edition). Both products are sold separately.


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Own the Stars

If you want more stars, and more sky, consider purchasing TheSky Databases module.  Access 180 GB of native star catalogs, TheSky-optimized star catalogs, including 1.8 billion stars from the Gaia star catalog DR3, the complete photographic Digitized Sky Survey (10x compression version) and the AAVSO APASS DR9 database.   


  • TheSky Database module version 4 with the 115 GB Gaia DR3 subset began shipping mid-November 2022.
  • TheSky Databases module version 4 is distributed on a 500 GB external solid-state drive (SSD).

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