Serial Telescope Cable

The cables and adapters in the telescope cable kit can be used to connect a serial-based telescope mount to a desktop or laptop computer to allow software control or feedback from TheSky™ astronomy software.


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Items included with this product:

Quantity Description Use with…
1 LX200/Autostar RJ11 to DB9 adapter Meade Instruments mounts
1 NexStar RJ11 to DB9 adapter Celestron mounts
1 BBox/SGT RJ11 to DB9 adapter BBox-compatible serial decoders
1 4.2 m/14-ft. RJ11 to RJ11 cable LX200 and BBox devices
1 4.2 m/14-ft. RJ11 to RJ22 cable Autostar and NexStar telescopes


Additional Cable Required!

A USB 2.0 to RS232 DB9 Serial Cable (also called a USB to serial adapter) sold separately, is required to connect the DB9 end of the telescope cable to the computer’s USB port.  Software Bisque recommends FTDI-based adapters (like the UGREEN USB Adapter) which are compatible with macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.

The LX200/Autostar adapter is compatible with the following telescope models:

  • Autostar II Telescope (LX200 GPS) (Meade)
  • Autostar III Telescope (ETX-LS) (Meade)
  • LX200 (classic) (Meade)
  • LX200 GPS (Autostar II) (Meade)
  • RCX400 (Autostar II) (Meade)

The BBox/SGT adapter is compatible with the following push to systems:

  • Advanced AstroMaster (Celestron)
  • BBox (Software Bisque)
  • Digital Setting Circles (Losmandy)
  • NGC Sky Commander (Lumicon)
  • NGC Sky Vector
  • Sky Commander
  • Sky Vector
  • Sky Wizard
  • Ultima 2000 (Celestron)

The NexStar adapter is compatible with the following telescope models:

  • Celestron NexStar-compatible telescopes

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