TheSky Fusion 12V DC Power Supply Unit

TheSky Fusion accepts 12V DC (up to 40A max) power input and can drive all your imaging equipment.  Choose from the 11.5A model (138W max.) or the 21A model (252W max.) below.


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The 12V DC power supply unit (PSU) uses a male Powerpole™ connector that plugs into TheSky Fusion™ power in port.  This PSU supplies power to the TheSky Fusion’s internal computer as well as up to eight peripheral devices that can be plugged into TheSky Fusion’s Powerpole output power ports.  (TheSky Fusion can power 12V, 8V and 5V devices as described below.)

Equipment that commonly requires 12V DC

  • Mounts (Paramount mounts require 48V DC and cannot be powered from one of TheSky Fusion’s power output ports.)
  • Astronomical cameras (CCD or CMOS)
  • Rotators
  • Focusers
  • Filter wheels
  • Dew heaters

Equipment that requires 8V DC

  • DSLRs (Always check with the manufacturers specifications to ensure you are supplying the proper voltage.)

Equipment that requires 5V DC

  • Powered USB hubs

Two PSU models are available

  • 12V DC 11.5A (138W maximum power output)
  • 12V DC 21A (252W maximum power output)

To determine which model PSU you need to power your imaging system equipment, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for the maximum output wattage required for each component that will be powered by TheSky Fusion.

Use the following equation to determine the total wattage required by your equipment:

Total power (Watts) = Voltage * Amperage

For example, if the 12V DC mount requires 2A max (24W max), the 12V DC camera requires 5A max (60W max.), and the 12V DC dew heater requires 3A max (36W max), the total maximum wattage required is for this set of equipment is 120W. The 12V DC 11.5A model PSU can output 138W max, and would be sufficient.

If the total maximum wattage of your equipment exceeds 138W max, and is less than 252W max, the 21A model PSU is sufficient.  The maximum total wattage supported by TheSky Fusion is 480W max.  In this case, search the web for a suitable 12V DC 40A max power supply unit.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 2 in
Maximum amperage

11.5A, 21A

Customize TheSky Fusion for your imaging system.

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