Universal Subscription

All the software you need, in one convenient space.

What is a software subscription?

What are the subscription benefits?

$200.00 / year and a $1,000.00 sign-up fee

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Universal Subscription

The Software Bisque Universal Subscription includes…

I. Downloadable access to the following Software Bisque products:

  • TheSkyX Professional Edition for Mac1
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows1
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition for Ubuntu (Linux)1
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition for Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)1
  • TheSkyX TPoint module2
  • TheSkyX Dome Control module2
  • TheSkyX Camera Control module2
  • TheSkyX Pro Multi-OS and Six License module (single user only)2

II. Additional Universal Subscription Benefits

    • A single serial number activates all of the above products and software modules.
    • Installers for all supported operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux both Raspberry Pi (ARM32), 64-bit (x86_64 and ARM64).
    • Software can be installed on up to six different computers.

1Download only, software is not distributed on physical media.

2Add Ons are automatically activated from TheSkyX Professional Edition with the Universal Subscription Serial Number that is registered to your account’s Subscriptions page when you purchase this product.  No separate software or downloads are required to use the Add Ons.