TheSky Universal

All the software you need, in one convenient space.

Shoot for the Moon with the TheSky™ Universal. It comes with TheSky Professional and four of our most popular modules including TPoint™, Cameras+, Multi-OS+, and Dome control.

Universal runs on macOS, Windows, Linux ARM32, Linux ARM64 and Linux x86_64 architectures and you can switch between them according to your needs. A license is included which allows you to run the software across six different computers.

The total cost at checkout will be $1200 USD ($200 for the first year of the software subscription plus a one-time $1000 sign up fee) plus applicable tax. Click the Buy Now graphic below to add this product to your cart.

After checking out, you can immediately download the full installers for all supported platforms by clicking My account > My Downloads.

Click My account > My Serial Numbers to view the serial number that is required for a one-time activation when TheSky is run for the first time.

$200.00 / year and a $1,000.00 sign-up fee

Visit TheSky Change Log page for a list of all the improvements, changes and fixes in each release.

If your software subscription is active, download the latest TheSky Professional update by logging in and visiting My account > My Downloads, then downloading and running the update installer.


Universal Subscription

The Software Bisque Universal Subscription includes…

Downloadable access to the following Software Bisque products:

  • TheSky™ Professional for macOS1
  • TheSky™ Professional for Windows1
  • TheSky™ Professional for Ubuntu (Linux)1
  • TheSky™ Professional for Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)1
  • TPoint™ module2
  • Domes module2
  • TheSky™ Cameras+ module2
  • TheSky™ Multi-OS+ module (single user only)2

Additional Universal Subscription Benefits

    • A single TheSky™ Universal serial number can be used to activate all of the above products and software modules on all supported operating systems.
    • Installers for all supported operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux ARM32, ARM64, and AMD64.
    • Software can be installed on up to six different computers.

1Download only, software is not distributed on physical media.

2Modules are automatically activated from TheSky™ Professional with TheSky™ Universal serial number that is registered to your account’s subscriptions page (My account > My Subscriptions) when you purchase this product.

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