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You’ve selected TheSky Professional for macOS.  The total cost at checkout is  $329.00 USD ($100 for a one year software subscription plus a one-time $229 sign up fee) plus applicable tax.  Note that reactivating the annual software subscription is optional and TheSky will run normally even when the subscription is expired.

Click the Buy Now graphic below to add this product to your cart. After checking out, you can immediately download the full installer by clicking My account > My Downloads. Click My account > My Serial Numbers to view the serial number that is required for a one-time activation when TheSky is run for the first time.

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The total cost at checkout is $395.00 USD ($100 for a one year software subscription plus a one-time $295 sign-up fee) plus applicable tax.  After one year, reactivating the annual software subscription is optional and TheSky will run normally if you elect to let the subscription expire.