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The optional Databases module integrates with TheSky™ Professional and allows you to peer deeper into the heavens than ever before.

Includes the Gaia DR3 Data

Chart up to 180 GB of star catalog data, including:

  • 1.806 billion stars from the Gaia Data Release 3 (115 GB)
  • Photographs of the entire celestial sphere from the Digitized Sky Survey (60 GB 10x compressed )
  • The AAVSO APASS catalog Data Release 9 (2 GB)

TheSky Databases module is distributed on a 500 GB external solid state drive (SSD).  In order to take advantage of this product, you must first purchase and install either TheSky™ Professional edition or TheSky™ Imaging bundle  (which includes TheSky Professional edition). Both products are sold separately.


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Q. What Gaia DR3 data does TheSky Professional support?

A. Depending on your needs, TheSky Professional accesses the following Gaia DR3 data:

  • By default, the latest TheSky Professional installers include a small subset of the Gaia database with 100 million Gaia stars that is optimized for plate solving.  This Gaia DR3 subset occupies 6 GB and is named the “Small Gaia Subset.”  Details here.
  • The optional TheSky Professional Databases module contains an optimized database with all 1.8 billion “native” Gaia DR3 stars.  This Gaia DR3 subset occupies 115 GB and is named theLarge Gaia Subset” Details here.
  • The full Gaia DR3 dataset is about 1.2 TB, and can be downloaded from Gaia DR3 Archive page.  Access to the complete Gaia DR3 dataset requires both the Databases module, as well as all the files in the Gaia DR3 archive folder.


Own the Stars

If you want more stars, and more sky, consider purchasing TheSky Databases module.  Access 180 GB of native star catalogs, TheSky-optimized star catalogs, including 1.8 billion stars from the Gaia star catalog DR3, the complete photographic Digitized Sky Survey (10x compression version) and the AAVSO APASS DR9 database.   


  • TheSky Database module version 4 with the 115 GB Gaia DR3 subset began shipping mid-November 2022.
  • TheSky Databases module version 4 is distributed on a 500 GB external solid-state drive (SSD).

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