Introducing TheSky Fusion

The next big thing in astronomy!

More space in less time.

Simplify your astronomy setup to experience imaging like never before.   TheSky Fusion brings your astronomy together in one space and frees you from chaos of hardware integration and disparate device control.  TheSky Fusion attaches directly to your telescope mount and integrates the computer, power distribution, wireless, multi-device connectivity and remote control with the world’s most intelligent astronomy software, TheSky.

You’ll be more productive and enjoy astronomical imaging more than ever.

More space in less space.

TheSky Fusion consolidates the essential imaging components into a small, central location: the telescope.  Gone are the days of lugging your power hungry and expensive laptop or desktop to the telescope to image. 

TheSky Fusion Specifications

Check out the TheSky Fusion Specifications (PDF) document for details about this exciting new product.


Q. What is the price of TheSky Fusion?

A. The introductory retail price is $1,695.

Q. When will TheSky Fusion start shipping?

A. Software Bisque plans on shipping TheSky Fusion in the spring of 2020.

Q. What hardware can TheSky Fusion control?

A. See Supported Devices in TheSky Fusion Specifications (PDF) document for details about supported telescope mounts, cameras, autoguiders, focusers, filter wheels, and rotators.

Q. How can I connect to and control my astro-devices?

A. TheSky Fusion can be used to control your astronomy hardware wirelessly with Wi-Fi (as a hot spot, or connected to an existing network) or hard-wired with Ethernet from any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet computer.

Q. Why is TheSky Fusion equipped with a GPS?

A. TheSky Fusion’s integrated GPS unit ensures that TheSky’s location, date and time are always up to date and accurate.  Always having accurate location and time makes one less thing to worry about, and essential for precision telescope pointing!

Q. What are the red and black ports on TheSky Fusion?

A. The eight power output ports use Anderson Powerpole® connectors.  Compatible power cables are easy to buy or easy to assemble for the DYI’er, and can power most any type of hardware (with configurable 5V/8V/12V ports with up to 7A max.)

Q. If I already own TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows or Mac, can I transfer this license to the Linux-based TheSky Fusion™?  

A.  In short, no.  While at first glance, the TheSky Fusion’s™ software may seem identical to TheSkyX Professional Edition™ with the optional Camera Add On, and the optional TPoint Add On, TheSky Fusion™ includes additional functionality such as power switching, GPS integration, status screen output and Wi-Fi hot spot integration.

TheSky Fusion
TheSky Fusion is perfect for the power conscious mobile imager!
MX+ with 100mm
TheSky Fusion mounted on a Paramount MX+ at the 2020 Winter Star Party.