Bisque TCS Series 6 Professional

The Bisque Telescope Control System (TCS) can replace outdated control systems on 0.5 m and larger telescope mounts. Retrofit your older mount with the proven Bisque TCS today.


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Bisque TCS Professional Telescope Control System

Retrofit your research-grade mount and give it the capabilities required for the digital age with the Bisque Telescope Control System (Bisque TCS™) . The Bisque TCS is already driving hundreds of research-class observatories and is the heart and soul of the Paramount Robotic Telescope System.

The Bisque TCS includes the latest generation MKS 6000 dual-axis motion control system and employs powerful, long lasting, brushless DC servomotors, optional AutoHoming sensors for rapid unattended startup, USB communication interface, and optional Wi-Fi control.  The included software bundle features TheSky™ Professional, the Cameras Plus™, TPoint™ and Domes for macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.

See the Bisque TCS quick start guide in the Documentation tab for details how to configure TheSky for your telescope mount.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Bisque TCS with the MKS 6000 Documentation

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