Paramount MME II Spares Kit

Mission-critical components all in one kit.


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The Paramount MME II Spares Kit contains virtually everything you need to keep the mount up and going, including:

  • MKS 5000 Control System PCB
  • Worm block assembly (compatible with both axes)
  • DC servo motor
  • Hand paddle
  • Instrument Panel PCB
  • 48V DC Power supply
  • Worm block covers
  • Mounting knobs
  • Counterweight knob
  • Counterweight shaft safety knob
  • Azimuth adjustment knobs
  • Bubble levels
  • Motor belts
  • Harnesses for all through the mount cabling
  • USB, power
  • T-handle hex wrenches
  • Large and small standard hex wrench set
  • Level
  • Paramount ME II specific fasteners