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    Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article – 1056



    When I click the Night Vision Mode command from the View menu, the error message “Error: error code 206.” appears.


    This error occurs because TheSky6 is attempting to load the Night Vision Mode theme from a non-English language locale.

    TheSky6 version and later allows you to specify the language-specific text for the Windows Control Panel caption. 

    1. In TheSky6's Auxiliary files folder (by default, it is named “C:/Program
      Files/Software Bisque/TheSky6/Data/Auxiliary Files”), create a text file
      name with the name “ControlPanelCaption.txt”. This text file must contain the exact text that appears in the Windows “Control Panel” caption. 

    2. Determine the “Control Panel” text for your language by clicking the language-equivalent of Start > Control Panel > Display Properties (or the local language equivalent). The text that appears in the “Display Properties” window's caption should appear in the first line of the
      “ControlPanelCaption.txt” text file.

    3. TheSky6's “View | Night Vision Mode” will now function normally.

    Example ControlPanelCaption.txt files:

    // Contents of German Display Properties text file:
    Eigenschaften von Anzeige

    // Italian Display Properties text file:
    Proprietà – Schermo 

    // Spanish (Spain) Display Properties text file:
    Propiedades de Pantalla 

    // French Display Properties text file:
    Propriétés de Affichage

    There are several language-specific “ControlPanelCaption.txt” text files available in the file Night Vision If you use one of these samples in this zip file, be sure to rename it “ControlPanelCaption.txt” and save it to TheSky6's Auxiliary Files folder. 


    When you click the View | Night Vision Mode command from TheSky6, TheSky6 attempts to change the current Windows theme to a theme named
    TheSky6 Night Vision Mode in the Windows Control Panel, Display, Themes application.

    In order for TheSky6 to modify the current Windows theme, it must launch the Windows “Display Properties” application from the Control Panel, then record the name of the existing theme (so that is can be restored later), and then load TheSky6 Night Vision Mode theme file.

    In order to locate the Display Properties window, TheSky6 searches for a window that has the text Display Properties in the caption. This text is different for different locales (and languages).

    If a language other then English is being used, then TheSky6 cannot locate the Control Panel window, and the Night Vision Mode command fails with the above error message.


    TheSky6, all Editions.



    This article was previously published under Knowledge Base article number 1014.

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