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    When I acquire an image with CCDSoft version 5, the FITS header does not include information normally supplied by TheSky6/TheSkyX Professional Edition (object name, RA DEC, AZ ALT, location, Julian Date, etc.)


    Using any of the operations in CCDSoft version 5 that require TheSky6/TheSkyX Professional Edition (like AutoAstrometry, Insert Minor Planets, etc.) results in one or more of the following error messages:

    “Unable to launch TheSky.  Error 226”

    “The attempted operation requires the TheSky Level IV and it must be running. Error 224.”


    TheSky6 or TheSkyX Professional Edition is required to be integrated with CCDSoft Version 5. If you own a different Edition of TheSky, see: this to upgrade.

    If you are using TheSky Professional Edition, download and install the latest release.  If problems persist, be sure you have configured CCDSoft to integrate with TheSky, see the Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article 1065.  If the problem still persists, following the steps below.

    To isolate the cause of the above issue please follow these steps:

    1. Exit all Software Bisque applications.
    2. Unzip the file “TheSkyIntegrationChecker.exe” program to your hard drive.
    3. Run “TheSkyIntegrationChecker.exe” by double clicking it from the Windows Explorer.
    4. With the appropriate “Integrate With” radio button checked (TheSky5 if you have TheSky Version 5 or TheSky6 if you have TheSky6), press the “Launch TheSky” button. Stop if you get an error and report the exact wording of the error message back to Software Bisque.
    5. Press the “Verify Is TheSky Running” button and if you get an error report the exact wording of the error message back to Software Bisque.

    A common cause for this issue is antivirus software incorrectly removing necessary registry entries. Software Bisque can advise on how to proceed depending upon the information supplied by the “TheSkyIntegrationChecker.exe” program.


    CCDSoft Version 5,
    TheSky Version 5 Level IV,
    TheSky6 Professional Edition only.

    TheSkyX Professional Edition only.

    Note:  TheSky6 Student Edition and TheSky6 Serious Astronomer Edition cannot be integrated with CCDSoft version 5.



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