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    Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article – 1087



    Installing an older version of a Software Bisque application over an existing, newer version may cause the application to fail to launch (giving a General Protection Fault or other error). 

    This behavior may also occur even after you’ve uninstalled the newer version because some shared files were not removed from the computer.

    This article applies to TheSky version 5, CCDSoft version 5, Orchestrate version 1, and TPoint version 1.


    If a Software Bisque application fails at start up, especially after installing an older version on a computer that has a newer version installed, then completely uninstall and then reinstall the Software Bisque application by following the steps below.

    1. Visit the Software Bisque Download Page to obtain the latest release of the software. 

    2. Under Windows NT/2000/XP, make sure that the user account has administrative rights before installing.

    3. Ensure that all anti-virus software and third-party desktop software (Norton Desktop, etc.) are disabled.

    4. Uninstall the application by clicking Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs, selecting the (such as TheSky or CCDSoft) from the list of installed applications and then clicking Remove.

    5. Manually delete the application’s folder by clicking My Computer on the Desktop and then navigating to the correct folder. The default installation folder for all Software Bisque applications is C:/Program Files/Software Bisque. Make sure that you only delete the folder associated with the application that is failing to launch.

    6. Manually delete the application’s Registry settings. Click Start | Run, enter RegEdit in the Run text box and then click OK. Navigate to the key:


      “HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Software Bisque/<Software Bisque Software Name>


      and then click Registry | Delete.

    7. If present, manually delete the following dynamic link library files from the Shared Files folder (this folder is normally the C:/Program Files/Common Files/System folder)


      TheSky’s Shared Files CCDSoft’s Shared Files






















































      Critical Note: By default, Windows hides files with the extension .DLL. Make sure that Explorer is not hiding these files before continuing. See your operating system’s help file for details about showing/hiding files. If these files are not removed properly, the application will not reinstall or launch correctly.


    8. Reinstall the Software Bisque software from from the original media.

    9. Install the latest update from Step 1.

    10. Enable anti-virus software.


    Uninstalling Windows applications will not necessarily remove all shared files, and the above behavior may occur when installing an older version of software on a computer that an new version was installed.


    Software Bisque’s anonymous ftp site


    SBKB, TheSky, CCDSoft, General Protection Fault


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