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    Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article – 1100



    When launching TheSky6 (or CCDSoft version 5), the following error message appears:

    Load IPLib error

    “Unable to find address of 'iplColorMedianFilter' function.”


    Load IPLib error

    “Unable to find address of “iplDecimateExt” function.”


    Load IPLib error

    “Unable to find address of “iplSetBorderMode” function.”


    Load IPLib err

    “No IPLib.dll was found in the waterfall procedure.”


    Load IPLib err

    “The procedure entry point ip/rotate could not be located in the dynamic library ipl.dll.”

    Or similar error message.


    TheSky6 and CCDSoft employ an image processing library published by Intel Corporation. This library can be distributed by independent software vendors (ISVs) such as Software Bisque in two different forms, either:

    • as a processor independent library file (named iplPX.dll), or
    • as processor-specific library files (named iplA6.dll, iplM5.dll, iplM6.dll, iplP5.dll, iplP6.dll and iplw7.dll).

    A secondary “stub” library, named ipl.dll, figures out which of the above libraries to load into memory when an application that uses these libraries (such as TheSky6) is launched.

    If any one of the above (bulleted) library files residing on the computer (that is, the file is in a system folder, or a folder in the computer's PATH environment variable) is not the current version (, then the IPLib error message will be displayed.

    These Intel library files are normally located in the C:/Windows, C:/Windows/System or C:/Windows/System32 folder.


    Step I

    1. Navigate to TheSky6's (or CCDSoft's) installation folder (C:/Program Files/Software Bisque/TheSky6 is the default folder).
    2. Rename the file “IPL.DLL” to “IPLNEW.DLL”.
    3. Rename the file “IPLPX.DLL” to “IPLPXNEW.DLL”.

    This will cause TheSky6 to use the older DLLs in the system folder (TheSky6 is backward compatible with the older versions).

    Step II

    If, after performing Step I above, the error message persists, then one or more of the older version processor-specific files (see above) is still being loaded by Windows. These files can be renamed so that the processor-independent library will be used instead.

    1. Click Start | Search.
    2. Click All Files and Folders.
    3. Enter “ipl*.dll” to search for every occurrence of the Intel library files on your computer.
    4. Rename each processor-dependent library file. For example, rename iplA6.dll to iplA6Old.dll.

    Once this above procedure is complete, TheSky6 should successfully launch.

    Software Bisque is researching for other possible resolutions to this issue.

    Step III

    If you wish to update the processor-specific IPL libraries in your computer's C:/Windows/System folder, download and replace the existing DLLs with the DLLs in the zip file.

    1. Unzip contents of the above zip file into the C:/Windows/System folder.
    2. Click “Yes” when asked to confirm replacement of the existing files.

    The article was formerly published under SBKB article number 1007, 1060 and 1062 and 1149


    TheSky6, all Editions.



    Last Reviewed: 07/05/2005

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