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    The Eclipse finder does not find a partial Solar eclipse for Lisbon Portugal from our Cities for 10/12/96 at 3:14 p.m.. TheSky display does show it ocurring correctly.


    Partial solar eclipses are not located using the Eclipse Finder command.

    The algorithms used by the Eclipse Finder to locate partial solar eclipses
    are not the same as those used by TheSky and are therefore less accurate.

    If a solar eclipse is not located using the Eclipse Finder tool, use the Time Skip command in TheSky to view the event instead.

    To watch a Solar Eclipse from TheSky
    1. On the Edit menu, click Find. Enter Sun in the Find list box, then click Center and Frame. This centers the Sun on the Sky Display.
    2. On the Tools menu, click Tracking Setup from the Time Skip fly-out menu..
    3. In the Tracking Setup dialog box, check the Sun and Moon options, then select “Sun” in the Lock On list box. This will keep the Sun at the center of the screen while the Moon passes by during a time skip session. Click OK.
    4. From the Data menu, click Site Information. On the Location Tab, enter the date and time of the eclipse. Click OK.
    5. On the Tools menu, click the Set Increment command from the Time Skip fly-out menu. Enter One Minute for the time skip increment and click OK.
    6. On the Tools menu, click Go Forward from the Time Skip fly-out menu.

    The solar eclipse will now be displayed.

    To end the time skip animation, on the Tools menu, click Stop from the Time Skip fly-out menu.

    Hint: To quickly access the time skip commands, use the buttons on the Time Skip tool bar.

    This is a known limitation of the Eclipse Finder tool. Software Bisque will attempt to resolve this issue in a future release.





    This article was formerly published under the identifier Q248KB in Software Bisque’s prior knowledge base.

    Last Reviewed: 11/24/2004

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