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    How can I use TheSky6 to create a field of view indicator for my binoculars?


    TheSky6 can be used to create custom field of view indicators for virtually any optical configuration, including binoculars.

    1. Determine the field of view of the binoculars. This value is normally included with the product documentation, or is available on the manufacturer’s web site. In this example, we’ll use a 4 degree field of view.

    2. Click View | Field of View Indicators to display the Field of View Indicators dialog box. Normally, FOVIs are based on a combination of a telescope and either an eyepiece or CCD detector. So, we’ll first define a “dummy” telescope and “dummy” eyepiece to create a basic field of view indicator, and then edit the properties of the FOVI specifically for binoculars.

    3. Click the Telescopes tab and then click Create.

    4. On the Create/Edit Telescope dialog box, enter Binocular in the description text box and then click OK.

    5. Click the Eyepieces tab and then click Create.

    6. On the Create/Edit Eyepiece dialog box, enter Binocular Eyepiece in the description text box and then click OK.

    7. Click the Create FOVIs tab.

    8. Click the My Eyepiece option and then select Binocular Eyepiece from the list.

    9. Select Binocular from the telescope list and then click Add My FOVI.

    10. Click the My FOVIs tab, and then select Binocular + Binocular Eyepiece from the list and then click Edit to display the Create/Edit Detector Geometry dialog box.

    11. In the Edit text box, edit the description to read My Binoculars (or other) and then select Element 1 in the Elements list box.

    12. Click Circle in the Shape group, and then enter 240 (60 minutes/degree * 4 degrees for this example) in the X and Y Size text box.

    13. Select the Binocular on the My FOVI list and then click the On option.

    14. Click OK.

    The binocular field of view indicator is now displayed.

    To convert your binocular’s field of view from degrees to minutes, use this simple equation:

    Field of view in arcminutes =  

    Field of view in degrees x 60 minutes/degree


    TheSky6, all Editions.



    Last Reviewed: 03/25/2005

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