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    Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article – 1195



    CD-ROM or DVD media published by Software Bisque is either:

    * not recognized by Windows Explorer (installer cannot start), or
    * an error occurs when the installer attempts to transfer the files from the media to the hard drive (installation fails), or
    * Windows displays an error message when attempting to read the media, or
    * CD-ROM or DVD continually spins in the drive, and cannot be read

    Error messages may include:
    * “The application failed to initialize properly (0X0000006)”
    * “Error in KERNEL32.DLL”
    * “Demo32 is not a valid windows program”


    If you encounter a media-related errors while installing a Software Bisque, please try the following resolutions:

    Problem: The media may be dirty.
    Solution: Clean the media using warm, soapy water. Rinse the media thoroughly, and then dry it with a soft cotton cloth. Gently wipe the disc from the center outward to avoid damaging scratches.

    Problem: Antivirus or other applications may be preventing the media from installing.
    Solution: To be safe, temporarily disconnect the computer from any network (by unplugging the nextwork cable), then disable (close) all antivirus, adware, spyware, antispam, Registry backup, pestware, and other applications before installing. After the software is installed, don't forget to restore these applications.

    Problem: A Windows media device driver conflict is preventing the media from being recognized.
    Solution: Use a command prompt (DOS shell) to copy the contents of each disc to a folder on the hard drive, then install from the hard drive instead of the media.

    1. Click Start | Run, enter “cmd” and then click OK.
    2. On the command window, if necessary, change the drive to the hard drive that will hold the contents of the media. For example, type “D:” and then press “Enter”.
    3. Type “cd/” to go to the root of this drive.
    4. Make a temporary folder in the hard drive by typing “md TheSky6Media” and then press “Enter”.
    5. Type “cd TheSky6Media” and then press “Enter”.
    6. Insert the media (one at a time) into the CD-ROM or DVD drive (note the drive letter).
    7. For each media, type “xcopy (YOUR CD-ROM DRIVE LETTER):*.* /S” and then press enter. This will copy all files and subdirectories from the media to the hard drive.
    8. Once all the files are copied to the hard drive, use Windows Explorer to run the program “setup.exe” in “TheSky6Media” folder.

    Temporary Workaround:

    * For single or multiple disc installations, using Windows Explorer, manually copy the contents of the media to a temporary folder on your hard drive, then run the installation program (setup.exe) from the hard drive rather than from the CD-ROM.

    If the above workarounds fail, and need to obtain replacement media, Software Bisque warrants all new media for 90 days. See article 1085 for details about obtaining replacement media.


    All Software Bisque software



    Last Reviewed: 06/17/2005

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