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    Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article – 1211



    When the Paramount ME is turned on, the two blue and orange LEDs flash briefly, but there's no sound coming from the motors.


    When the Paramount ME's power switch is turned on, no LEDs illuminate, and the mount does not emit any sounds.


    If the Paramount ME control system fails to initialize properly, the problem can be caused by a number of different reasons, including:

    • electrical component failure
    • improper cable plugged into the Adaptor Panel's Aux I/O Port
    • fuse failure
    • internal wiring break or failure (rodent invasion)
    • improper balance (mount beeps when motors try to initialize)

    What to check:

    After each step below, check if the mount powers up. If it doesn't, proceed to the next step.

    1. Replace the SloBlo fuses in the Adaptor Panel. The Paramount ME manual describes this procedure.
    2. Remove all guider cables, the joystick, and every other cable that may be plugged into the Adaptor Panel (except for the power source) and Instrument Panel ports. Critical: there should be nothing plugged into the port labeled Aux I/O on the Paramount ME Adaptor Panel. This port contains four general-purpose, high-powered, driver outputs that can be used to drive a DC servomotor or a stepper focus motor, or other device. There are also two general-purpose pins that can be used as inputs or outputs. We are currently looking at possible uses for these functions such as a “abort slew” button, limit switch, or other use. If the behavior persists, proceed.
    3. Verify that that power supply is supplying 48 volts DC. If not, then the power supply may have failed.  A replacement power supply can be purchased from the Software Bisque Store.
    4. Access the Adapter Panel electronics by removing the black Adapter Panel cover on the back of the mount. This procedure is described in the Paramount ME Electronics Upgrade Instructions. There is a 6-conductor cable (see page 9) that carries three pair of leads for 48 volts, 12 volts and 5 volts. Each is labeled on front side of the Adapter Panel board.  With the mount powered, verify that these voltages are correct (that is, the first two wires are 48V, and a ground, the second two are 12V and ground, and the third set is 5V and ground). The photograph of the Adaptor Panel board on page 4 of this document shows these connections.   If any of the leads measures 0V, the Adaptor Panel needs replaced. Replacement Adaptor Panels can be purchased directly from the Software Bisque Store.  Please carefully read the Specification tab on the Adaptor Panel Store page for details about warrany vs. non-warranty replacement policy.
    5. If the mount still will not power up, then the issue may reside with the MKS 4000 Main Electronics Board, or with one or more of the internal cables. Remove the RA side panel (described in the Paramount ME manual). Gently press each connector on the Adaptor Panel and main controller board to ensure they're properly seated. Also, make sure the cables are not damaged.  Many customers have reported that a rodent (particularly field mice) can chew up Paramount ME's internal wiring.

     If the behavior persists, please contact Software Bisque for more information on how to proceed.


    Paramount ME using the MKS 4000 control system



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