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    The user is unsure how to obtain, activate or update TheSky Modules.


    There are three types of modules available for TheSky: license, database and software. This article provides links for obtaining, information on activating, and updating these modules. Note that, except for the TPoint Module — which is also available for TheSky Serious Astronomer — all other modules are available for TheSky Professional only.

    License Module

    The Multi-OS+ module  for TheSky Professional is an extension to the standard license agreement that permits the owner to install and use—for personal use only—TheSky Professional and any licensed software modules for all supported operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux/Raspbian), on up to six computers per operating systems.

    This is the only module that has a software subscription. Maintaining a software subscription to the Multi-OS+ is optional, but required to continue operating TheSky on more than two computers and all operating systems.

    A current subscription to TheSky Professional is required to obtain download access to the pertinent installers for the associated operating system; download access to installers for other operating systems additionally requires a current subscription to the Multi-OS+ module.

    If TheSky has been activated on one or two computers using TheSky Professional Edition serial number, it is possible to change TheSkyX‘s serial number to be that of the Multi-OS+ module, however this is not required.  Installations of TheSky Professional on additional computers and operating systems should be activated using the Multi-OS+ module serial number.

    Databases Module

    The Databases Module  for TheSky Professional is distributed on an external SSD drive. Refer to the instructions included with this module for installation and activation procedures. This is the only add-on with a physical component that requires shipping.

    Software Modules

    Though activation of each software module requires an appropriate serial number, these modules are built into TheSky; they do not have separate installers, nor do they require shipping. The availability is as follows:

    Available for TheSky —> Serious Astronomer Professional
    TPoint module Yes Yes
    No Yes
    Domes module No Yes

    Purchasing Modules

    All modules can be used for 90 days following activation of TheSky.  After that, you can purchase each through one of the following methods:

    • Buy the module from Software Bisque’s online store (see the links above; the serial number is automatically registered to your account.)
    • Buy the Paramount Software Suite, which includes these modules³ and are activated by the Suite‘s serial number.
    • Buy the Universal Subscription, which includes these modules³ and are activated by the Universal Subscription‘s serial number.
    • Buy a Paramount mount or Bisque TCS (Telescope Control System), which include these add-ons³ (activated by the Paramount Software Suite‘s serial number³)
    • Buy TheSky Imaging edition bundle that includes TheSky Professional, the Cameras+ and TPoint modules.

    A serial number is required to activate the software modules from TheSky.  There is nothing to be shipped, or additional software to be downloaded.

    If the software module is obtained purchased from the Software Bisque online store, your serial number is automatically registered your account’s Subscriptions page. Otherwise, the serial number must be registered first. Registration is optional, though highly recommended.

    If a module is not activated by activating TheSky, see the pertinent footnotes ¹.³

    A software module may be used with any or all installations of TheSky licensed to the same owner. For example, an owner of the Multi-OS+ Module may use a single software module serial number with up to a total of six computers per OS for personal use.

    All software modules are updated when TheSky is updated.  Accessing the latest TheSky installers requires a current subscription to  the following:

    • TheSky and the Multi-OS+ Module for additional operating systems),
    • Paramount Software Suite or
    • Universal Subscription. While software modules can be registered, they do not have an annual software subscription.

    ¹To activate a module using its serial number, see “Activating the Camera Module” or “Activating the Domes Module” in TheSky Professional and Serious Astronomer User Guide. For the TPoint module, open the Telescope > TPoint Add On window, then, from the Setup tab’s TPoint Add On Settings drop-down command list, choose Enter Serial Number, and enter its serial number.

    ²The Paramount ME II Software Suite and Universal Subscription include the Domes module. See also footnote¹.

    ³A Paramount Software Suite or Universal Subscription serial number may be used to activate TheSky Professional, which automatically activates the bundled modules. Alternatively, TheSky Professional may be activated by its own serial number, and a Paramount Software Suite or Universal Subscription serial number may be used to activate the individual modules as described in footnote¹.


    • TheSky Serious Astronomer
    • TheSky Professional
    • TheSky Imaging


    SBKB; Cameras+; TPoint module; Domes module; TheSky Professional; TheSkyX Serious Astronomer

    Last Revised: 2022-06-01

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