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    Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article – 251



    When using CCDSoft under Windows NT, images taken from an SBIG parallel camera have horizontal streaks.


    Streaks in an image may be the result of other applications preempting the computer’s CPU during download. To attempt to prevent other tasks from preempting a download, the user must create a new DWORD value in the Registry called “DownloadLock” (this need only be done once), and set it to a value of 1. Here’s how:

    1. Close CCDSoft, if currently running.
    2. Open the Registry Editor (Start / Run, type REGEDIT, then select OK).
    3. Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER heading appearing in the list on the left side of the Registry Editor’s window.
    4. Navigate through this list to Software, Software Bisque, CCDSoft, and then select the category ST7.
    5. From the Edit menu, choose New, DWORD Value.
    6. Rename New Value #1 as DownloadLock.
    7. Choose OK, or press Enter to accept the value name.
    8. Double-click the value name (or its icon) to bring up the Edit DWORD Value dialog.
    9. Set the Value Data to 1. If you later wish to disable this option, you may do so by setting this value to 0 (zero) at that time.
    10. Choose OK. To leave the Registry, simply exit – your changes are already saved.

    WARNING: It is possible that your mouse pointer will freeze during download with this option on.

    Refer to Appendix A of the CCDSoft manual for information on other Registry settings.


    CCD Camera Control



    This article was formerly published under the identifier Q490KB in Software Bisque’s prior knowledge base.

    Last Reviewed: 11/24/2004

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