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The optional Domes module provides native, integrated telescope and dome control to keep the motorized dome slit aligned with the telescope.  The Domes module can also control compatible automated roll-off roofs (RORs).

  • Requires TheSky™ Professional edition or TheSky™ Imaging bundle (which includes TheSky™ Professional) in order to operate.
  • TheSky™ Professional and TheSky™ Imaging bundles include a 90-day full-working free trial to use the Domes module.
  • The Domes module is included in TheSky™ Universal bundle.

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Optional Dome Control for TheSky Professional or TheSky Imaging bundle

The optional Domes module automates the control of motorized domes and keeps the dome’s aperture synchronized with the telescope’s optic when the telescope is slewed and while the telescope tracks. The Domes module computes the correct dome shutter azimuth and elevation for any telescope mounting, placed anywhere inside the structure.

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Dome Control Documentation

The Domes module documentation is include in TheSky Professional User Guide

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