TPoint Module

The optional TPoint module provides world-class telescope pointing analysis and pointing correction that helps identify, quantify and automatically compensate for systematic errors in “go to” telescopes.  Take

TPoint also quantifies the polar alignment of your equatorial mount, even when the celestial pole is not visible and helps get the mount aligned with the refracted pole (the optimal location for amateur observing needs).

You collect “pointing calibration data” by slewing the telescope to a set of stars, then recording the pointing error at each position.  This process can be performed manually or automatically via Automated Pointing Calibration with TheSkyX Professional Edition plus the Camera Add On.  TPoint’s Super Model feature uses this data to create the optimal pointing model that automatically corrects repeatable errors each time the telescope is slewed.

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What you need to know:

  • When you purchase TheSky Imaging Edition,  the TPoint module is included and automatically activated, so there’s no need to purchase TPoint separately.
  • Both TheSkyX Professional Edition and TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition offer a free 90-day TPoint module trial period.
  • After purchasing the TPoint module, it must be activated as described here.

Important Distinctions between TheSky and the TPoint module:

  • TheSkyX Professional Edition includes a 90-day free trial for the Camera, Dome, and TPoint modules.
  • TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition includes a free 90-day TPoint module trial.
  • Both TheSkyX Professional Edition and Serious Astronomer Edition can control your “go to” telescope and show the position of the telescope on a simulated Sky Chart.
  • The TPoint module provides tools for telescope pointing analysis, polar alignment and improves telescope pointing accuracy, however, the TPoint module is not required to control telescopes.
  • After the telescope is calibrated by pointing to a number of locations across the sky, TPoint can create a pointing model and work behind the scenes to automatically improve the telescope’s pointing accuracy (and tracking with Paramount mounts).

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TPoint Module Documentation

The TPoint documentation is included in TheSky Pro and Serious Astronomer Edition User Guide.

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