Multi-OS Plus

Switch between Windows, macOS, and Linux on up to six computers per operating system.

Enjoy the important ability to change computing platforms without losing the look and feel of your software! If you started out using one operating system but decide to switch, you’re free to do so without necessitating that you learn everything anew. This module includes a license allowing you to operate on up to six different computers.

Run TheSky Professional edition or TheSky Imaging edition on all supported operating systems (macOS, Linux x86_64, Linux ARM64) on up to six different computers for each operating system.

If you’re an academic institution and need a more extensive license, please ask us about our special programs.

Please Note:  In order to operate this module, you must first purchase and install either TheSky Professional edition or TheSky Imaging edition (both sold separately).




$50.00 / year and a $99.00 sign-up fee

Visit TheSky Change Log page for a list of all the improvements, changes and fixes in each release.

If your software subscription is active, download the latest TheSky Professional update by logging in and visiting My account > My Downloads, then downloading and running the update installer.


TheSky Pro Multi-OS Plus

The Multi-OS Plus module subscription allows registered licensees of one or more of the following products:

  • TheSky Professional (any OS) 
  • TheSky Imaging (any OS)
  • TheSky Fusion
  • The Paramount Software Suite
  • Universal Subscription

To install TheSky Professional — and all optional software modules you have purchased — on up to six (6) computers per operating system.

Important Pre-Purchase Information

  • A current subscription to TheSky Professional (any OS) or TheSky Imaging  (any OS) or TheSky Fusion is required to have download-access to the latest macOS, Windows, and Linux installers.
  • The Multi-OS Plus module license is for private, personal, single-user, non-commercial, non-military and non-educational use only. Site licenses for educational institutions, defense contractors and other applications are sold separately. Please contact Software Bisque request more information.
  • The Multi-OS Plus module is included as part of the Paramount Software Suite and Universal Subscription products.
  • The Multi-OS Plus module offers an annual software subscription that must be active to access the latest installers and updates for each operating system.

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