Paramount MYT Software Suite

The Paramount Software Suite is included with Paramount mounts, and provides a powerful tool set for observatory control and digital imaging acquisition.

Optional $100.00 each following year for the subscription benefits

Details how to upgrade to TheSky Imaging from all other editions are here.

TheSky Professional has integrated telescope mount control and can operate these supported telescope mounts out of the box.

Click on the links below for details about additional equipment supported by the Cameras+ and Domes modules.

Note that TheSky Imaging bundle includes the Cameras+ module.

TheSky Professional edition offers optional software and database modules that can be used to extend its functionality.

The following optional modules are available on the Software Bisque Store:


The Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount includes TheSky Imaging bundle for macOS, Windows 10, Linux AMD64, Linux ARM64, and the Multi-OS Plus module to install it on up to six different computers, per operating system.